introducing the newest addition to our g-daddy line of fine sauces.  

The Kitchen Sink

Everything including the kitchen sink goes into making the perfect batch of G-Daddy Sauce.  

Dip with it.  Marinade in it.  Baste with it. Even sop with it.  Most important of all, don't forget to grill with it!

G-Daddy's is an all-purpose, brown sugar and vinegar-based sauce that starts sweet and ends with a kick!  


J.P. Smith (aka G-Daddy) loved to cook and loved his sauce.  He made it for himself, but if others liked it he was always willing to share.  

He gave the gift that kept on giving, even after the suppers were over.

Thank you, G-Daddy, for your legacy, the memories and your life lessons. 

 G-Daddy's blessing

G-Daddy made sauce for his family many times a year.  He shared bottles with his family and friends for as long as he was able to do so.  

We had the privilege to make a batch for him as Alzheimer's was taking its grip on his sharp mind.  He tasted our batch and gave us a J.P.  smile. "It's good," he said ... and Granny agreed.